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Guildhall Restoration Talk

Andrew Freeman, the Guildhall Museum Operations Manager, will be presenting a talk on the restoration work that has been taking place for the last few months. His talk will cover the history of the building itself and the areas of interest that required restoration. Accompanying Andrew will be local signwriter, Mick Pollard who has been responsible for gilding the restored crest, which sat above the Court Hall, and the iconic weathervane. Both will be on display during the talk for you to see the fine work that has gone into restoring these treasures.

Mick Pollard will demonstrate the gilding process and install a commemorative plaque aboard the weathervane to commemorate the restoration, and thank The Rochester Bridge Trust, and The City of Rochester Society for their generous donations to the Friends of the Guildhall Museums, in order for the marvelous work to take place.

Wednesday 17th February, 18:00-20:00, in the Court Hall of the Guildhall Museum.